Bill Blumberg
When the Ombudsman for US Department of Defence Contractors required online learning solutions to be produced he reached out across the water to CICCWORLD. The service was written, built, hosted and is maintained as a fully managed service by CICCWORLD for up to 485,000 suppliers to the DOD.
Blumberg's Laws

OK, so what’s the worst thing about a contract?

The pitch? The work? The deadline? No. Those things can all be tough but the worst thing about a contract just has to be not getting paid. On time!

Sure, these are difficult days and there are companies going to the wall. That’s hard and it can mean that sometimes you just won’t be paid at all. It happens and you just have to move on. But, when you know your client has the money  -  your money  -  and they just aren’t pushing it across the table, then that’s really hard.

Now, we’re talking Uncle Sam here. Right across the US, there are some 485.000 companies, large and small, working on contracts for the Federal Government. And that Government wants to pay you for your work. It really does. But, all too often, if you’ve made even the smallest of errors along the billing trail, then you have a serious problem. The Government aren’t going to pay you. They call it looking after the public purse and you can call it what you like but it comes down to the same thing.  Non-payment.

That can make a real mess of your cashflow, the backbone of your business, and in turn, that can make a real mess of you.

Which is why you need Blumberg’s Laws.


Bill Blumberg spent thirty-one years of his life working in the Defense Department and for over half of that time, he was concentrating purely on the bewildering and confusing world of contractor payments and procedures. It’s a jungle and like most jungles, unless you know your way around it and how to deal with the dangers lurking in its shadows, it will eat you alive. Which is why you need to listen to Bill Blumberg.  He’s seen everything that moves in that jungle and he’s lived to tell the tale. And the good news for you and your business is that he’s now come up with the game rules for your own survival in it.

Easily followed and easily understood. Blumberg’s Laws. If you’re in business and you’re in business with Uncle Sam, you really need to know them. By heart. 


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