CICCWORLD Win Order with Regency Factors

CICCWORLD are pleased to have secured the business of Regency Factors Plc.

Regency provide factoring facilities for small, fast-expanding businesses whose needs demand a level of flexibility and customer service beyond that offered by mainstream factoring companies, and trade finance facilities for fast-expanding mid-sized companies whose growth is hampered by peak period funding shortages.
The CICCWORLD system will be implemented to train members of the Regency collections team.

Darren Allardyce of CICCWORLD commented: “This further underlines the systems effectiveness in training professional collection teams within the factoring
industry. I am pleased that Regency has chosen us as their preferred e-learning provider, and I’m confident that our growing network of factoring industry users
will benefit the future enhancement of the system for this sector”.

CICCWORLD’s continual upgrade policy extends to customer feedback, where any request for system enhancement is automatically added to their development
programme and simply upgraded to all supported members free of charge.

For further information regarding CICCWORLD interactive learning services, contact