Public Sentry

SOX and best practice compliance - the new business imperative.

Most companies are run with good management, with wisdom and with vision. But sometimes, it all goes upside down.

Enron and WorldCom haunt our cityscapes. They weren’t the best examples of business practice. And they weren’t alone, which is why the US decided to mark out a new playing field.

It’s called SOX. The Sarbanes and Oxley Act, to be precise. A set of compliance rules and regulations that, if you’re in business, you will have to accept. Parts of it are seen as new standards or “best practices” for corporate accountability by which all companies will eventually be judged, including privately-held entities and non-profit organisations. Think funding, investing, credit rating, donations, licensing, insurance or flotation’s.

It’s a word that means what it says. If you don’t comply, you’re in trouble. A hefty fine. Even prison. It’s not worth the risk, so, where do you go?

Easy answer. Send in the clowns. Hire the accountants, the lawyers, the consultants, all of whom will tell you what best practice is, how to manage the change, how to comply with SOX. But take a closer look at what’s actually going on.


Herds of them will trample all over your company, travel from one office to another, disrupt your staff and working practice, generate all manner of enquiry and form-completion and, once satisfied that they have spent long enough with you, present you with a very large invoice.

OK, so that’s one answer.

Another might be to do it for yourself. Forget the elephants.

Reduce their trumpet calls to a very straightforward software package that allows you to manage your SOX compliance programme without fuss, without distraction and at far less cost. It’s called Public Sentry.

The Public Sentry paradigm is one that allows you to identify, one step at a time, your SOX requirements and commitments. Easily implemented by your own employees and management, it provides a day-by-day assessment of your needs and responsibilities. No outside help needed, no outside interference.

A reduction of seemingly endless and hopelessly complicated tasks into a very straightforward series of easily managed programmes. In short, apparent chaos is converted into constructive, accessible and user-friendly boxes to be ticked. And, best of all, compliance that is not only met but seen to be met. SOX, made simple.

You can tailor the Public Sentry program to match your own company’s character and practice and you can also personalise it to meet individual needs and priorities.

In short, the Public Sentry programme will ….

  • Provide your Board and management teams with a unique and complete overview of your company’s internal control systems
  • Monitor, examine and report on any deficiencies within those systems
  • Make your auditors’ job clear cut
  • Provide you with solutions
  • Ensure SOX compliancy

And, in turn, that means ….

  • A more efficient and more profitable company
  • Peace of corporate mind in a legislative world
  • And a smile on the face of your customers and clients, your bankers and lenders, your shareholders and investors and your Board

Best practice compliance made simple. Talk to us …


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